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About Us

Two black, non-binary millennials with a *strong* *af* love for all things hemp met in 2016. They both had a vision for plant healing; they both had a vision of entrepreneurship and breaking generational curses. They both loved the finer things in life: house music, creative arts, and of course the taco truck on 42nd Ave.

Then hemp got legalized. And everything changed. Brown Sugar Botanicals was born.

Today, KaliMa and Chris bring a fierce and well-researched love of hemp and medicinal herbal plants to our baby brand. We offer CBD-infused salves, tinctures, and even herbal smoking blends.

We take pride in knowing that our medicinal herbs come from farmers who are part of marginalized communities like us. We know that the future exists in collaboration, because our history is one of collaboration.

So — we hope you stick around for the ride. Welcome to Brown Sugar Botanicals.

with that Brooklyn x Oakland love,

KaliMa and Chris

Meet our team

Meet the folks behind the herbal products!

Chris' headshot

Chris Wakefield, founder

Plant dad, reader, writer, drinker of tea and smoker of herbs. Yale B.A, Mills MBA, Hustling Ph.D (jk....or nah?) Literally from “Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down.” His post-MBA shenanigans focus on innovating new ways to strengthen collaborative economies and build economically resilient black futures.


KaliMa Amilak, Co-Founder

KaliMa Amilak (they/them) is a queer Afro-Caribbean Photographer, Artist, Budtender, Plant Bae and Entrepreneur native from Brooklyn, New York. They have exhibited artwork in various galleries in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, while pursuing a career in the hemp and homeopathy industry. KaliMa has built a foundation of organizational and artistic skills that have allowed them to thrive as a small business owner.